J. Steven Kennedy

Some professional highlights

— Repeatedly obtained judgments enforcing real estate purchase contracts through court trials and jury trials, successfully defended these judgments when appealed.

— Repeatedly obtained defense verdicts in actions to enforce real estate purchase contracts and business purchase contracts.

— Repeatedly obtained injunctions to stop foreclosure sales pending the litigation of relevant issues.

— Obtained judgment of nonsuit in an action for breach of alleged real estate partnership agreement.

— Obtained judgment of nonsuit in an action for rescission of contract.

— On tenant's demand for a jury trial, represented landlord and obtained unanimous jury verdict that tenant breached his commercial lease.

— Obtained a jury verdict for fraud in the sale of a dental office, including an award of damages against the real estate broker acting as dual agent in the transaction.

— Obtained a federal court jury verdict for losses resulting from an accountant's breach of fiduciary duty and violation of securities laws in rendering financial advice.

— Obtained a federal court jury verdict in a wrongful death action, by proving negligence per se.

— Obtained a jury verdict holding a bank president personally liable for promises of continued financing made to a real estate investor.

— Obtained jury verdict for $1.7 million in an action for intentional infliction of emotional distress, including an award of punitive damages.

— Obtained jury verdict based on intentional infliction of emotional distress by a co-worker.

— Obtained jury verdict based on employment discrimination for taking pregnancy leave.

— Successfully defended California computer company in a jury trial in Mobile, Alabama, against one of that city's prominent law firms.

— Obtained jury verdict for restaurant owner rejecting a plaintiff's personal injury claims based on an alleged failure to provide adequate security.

— Saved client's house from a judicial sale by obtaining reversal on appeal of a Superior Court order denying motion to vacate renewal of judgment.

— Obtained reversal of a federal district court order dismissing an action, by appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.

— Brought action against operator of a toxic waste site and obtained a substantial global settlement on behalf of numerous homeowners.

— Contributor to successful appeal and published opinion in Lu vs. Grewal (2005) 130 Cal.App.4th 84.

— Obtained a judgment recovering real properties for the heirs of an estate in an action for cancellation of deeds based on fraud and undue influence, including an award of punitive damages.

— Saved children of a decedent from being disinherited by prevailing in the trial of a will contest based on lack of capacity and undue influence.

— Obtained a judgment removing and replacing the trustee of a trust for unfair dealings.

— Recovered the home of a victim of elder abuse after he was induced to sell the property for an inadequate price.

— Obtained an injunction to prevent the foreclosure of a decedent's real property by the holder of a reverse mortgage pending the probate and sale of the property.

— Oral advocacy acknowledged by Court of Appeal in McClain vs. Octagon Plaza, LLC (2008) 159 Cal.App.4th 784, 809.

— Prevailed in post appeal re-trial of McClain vs. Octagon Plaza, defeating all claims of fraud.

— Obtained a judgment for $716,000 in a dispute between two architects over a failed development project, including an award of punitive damages.

— Obtained order vacating Arizona judgment entered against client in California and successfully defended the ruling in a published opinion on appeal in Arizona vs. Yuen (2009) 179 Cal.App.4th 169.

— Obtained defense verdict quieting title to client's real property and rejecting claims based on an alleged oral trust in the property.